Langner, Ilse

BORN 21 May 1899, Breslau (now: Wroclaw) - DIED 16 Jan 1987, Darmstadt, Hessen
BIRTH NAME Langner, Ilse Edith Helene
GRAVE LOCATION Darmstadt, Hessen: Alter Friedhof, Ramstädter Strasse (III-F-198)

Ilse Langner was the daughter of the pedagogue Erdmann Langer. She published her first volume of poetry when she was fourteen years old and she married early. In Berlin she worked as a journalist and in 1928 she visited the USA for the Scherl publishing house. In 1929 the manufacturer Werner Siebert became her second husband.

She became known to the public by her anti-war play "Frau Emma kämpft im Hinterlandt" (1928). It was staged at the Theater unter den Linden in Berlin. Her "Die Heilige aus USA" about Mary Baker-Eddy was staged by Max Reinhardt in 1931 at the Theater am Kurfürstendamm and was a great success. In 1933 she travelled around the world. Her pacifist work was banned during the nazi era. Her novel "Die purpune Stadt" was published but banned soon afterwards. It was reprinted in 1944. In 1949 she wrote no less than seven plays. One of them, "Heimkehr", was turned into a radio play by Erwin Piscator in 1952. In 1963 she settled in Darmstadt, but she continued to travel all over the world. She died in Darmstadt in 1987.


The grave of Ilse Langner at the Alter Friedhof, Darmstadt.
Picture by Androom (29 Apr 2013)


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