Krieger, Arnold

BORN 1 Dec 1904, Dirschau, Pommern - DIED 9 Aug 1965, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Darmstadt, Hessen: Waldfriedhof (L-06a-025c)

Arnold Krieger studied philosophy in Greifswald, Göttingen and Berlin. In 1925 he married Charlotte Raykowski, with whom he had a daughter. They divorced and he married his second wife Tuja. Two daughters were born from this marriage.

His first play "Opfernacht" was performed in Stettin when he was still a student. He travelled to Africa several times before 1933. In 1934 his novel "Mann ohne Volk" was published. It was the basis for the propaganda movie "Ohm Krüger" (1940).

After the war part of his work including "Mann ohne Volk" was forbidden in the Soviet zone and in the DDR. From 1945 onwards he lived in Switzerland until he moved to Damstadt in 1953. His best known work is "Geliebt, gejagt und unvergessen" (1955), a novel set in Africa.


The grave of Arnold Krieger at the Waldfriedhof, Darmstadt.
Picture by Androom (29 Apr 2013)


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