Kittler, Erasmus

BORN 25 Jun 1852, Schwabach, Bayern (near Nürnberg) - DIED 14 Mar 1929, Darmstadt, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Darmstadt, Hessen: Waldfriedhof (L-06a-015 (ehrengrab))

Erasmus Kittler was the son of a taylor. He worked as a teacher in Nürnberg between 1871 and 1874 before he studied maths and physics in München and Würzburg. In 1879 he became the assistent of professor Beetz in Munich. He was promoted in Würzburg in 1880.

In 1882 in Darmstadt the first chair for electrical engineering was founded and it was offered to Kittler. He developed an educational plan for electrical engineering that was put into pratice. In 1886-1890 his "Handbuch der Elektrotechnik" was published.

He had many famous students, among them Mikhail von Dolivo-Dobrowolsky and Carl Hering. He worked for the University until he retired in 1915.


The grave of Erasmus Kittler at the Waldfriedhof, Darmstadt.
Picture by Androom (29 Apr 2013)


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