Zárate, Antonio Gil de

BORN 1 Dec 1796, El Escorial: Palace - DIED 1861, Madrid
GRAVE LOCATION Madrid: Cementerio de San Justo (Patio de Sta. Gertrudis - Sección 1a, Nicho no 10)

Son of the singer Bernardo Gil and the actress Antonio Zárate. He studied physics in France. After the universities closes and his academic career was cut short he worked for the government and held several positions. After he joined a liberal militia in Cadiz in 1823 he wasn't allowed to return to Madrid until 1826.

He started his literary career as a neo-classicist. He wrote several comedies and historical tragedies, but the censors hardly allowed his plays to be produced.

In "Carlos II el Hechidazo" (1837) he described the decadence of the Hapsburgs in a melodramatic way. It caused a scandal and he returned to a more modified style in which he combined classic and romantic elements, among them "Rosamonda" (1837) and "Guzmán el Bueno" (1842). He also wrote essays.


The grave of Antonio de Zárate at the Cementerio de San Justo, Madrid.
Picture by Androom (07 May 2012)


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