Henderson, John

BORN c1812, Middlesex - DIED 4 Jan 1858, Kelvingrove
GRAVE LOCATION Birmingham, West Midlands: Key Hill Cemetery, Icknield Street, Hockley (section K, tomb 66)

John Henderson worked with the civil engineer Charles Fox in their company "Fox, Henderson and Co". They created the building for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park that was opened by the Queen on 1 May, 1851. Later the building was re-erected at Sydenham for the Crystal Palace Company.

Henderson was also known as a philapnthropist and a supporter of education for the working classes. Around 1830 he married Barbara Robson. They had a daughter in 1836, Margaret.


The grave of John Henderson at Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham.
Picture by Androom (18 May 2017)


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