Bluette, Isa

BORN 10 Sep 1898, Torino, Piemonte - DIED 11 Nov 1939, Torino, Piemonte
REAL NAME Ferrero, Teresa
GRAVE LOCATION Torino, Piemonte: Cimitero Monumentale, Corso Novara (A 18 (Campo Primitivo Ovest-a Gruppo 455Bis Fossa Multipla 01))

Isa Bluette was an actress and a soubrette. She started out as a singer at an early age and attracted attention with her good looks and her sensual appearance. She became the leader of a dancing company and prima donna of several plays and operettas in Italy. She also worked in Paris.

She appeared in the movies "La donna carnefice nel paese dell'oro" (1926) and in "Ragazze non scherzate" (1929). In the 1930s she mainly focussed on operettas. Shortly before she died of a kidney disease in 1939 she married the actor Nuto Navarrini (1901-1973).

She was buried at the Cimitero Monumentale in Turin and her tomb was designed by Giacomo Giorgis.


The grave of Isa Bluette at the Cimitero Monumentale, Turin.
Picture by Androom (28 Feb 2014)


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