Mossotti, Ottaviano Favrizio

BORN 17 Apr 1791, Novara, Piemonte - DIED 20 Mar 1863, Pisa, Toscana
GRAVE LOCATION Pisa, Toscana: Campo Santo, Piazza del Duomo

Ottaviano Mossotti studied at the University of Pavia under Vincenzo Brunacci. He graduated in 1811 and was employed at the Observatory in Brera in 1813. He held liberal views and after the Austrian police found out that he was in contact with followerd of Filippo Buonarroti he left for Switzerland. He moved on to London and Bueno Aires, where he was a professor at the university and worked in many different scientifical fields.

In 1835 he returned to Italy, but the Austrians prevented his appointment as director of the Observatory in Bologna. He lived in Turin where he published "Sur les forces qui régissent la constitution intérieure del corps" (1836). After he worked at the University of Corfu he was called to Pisa to teach mathematics and mechanics. In 1848 he saw action in the battle of Curtatone and Montanara. In 1861 he became a senator of the kingdom of Italy. The equation of Clausius-Mossotti was named after him and Rudolf Clausius.


The tomb of Ottaviano Favrizio Mossotti in the Campo Santo, Pisa.
Picture by Androom (06 Feb 2011)


Ottaviano-Fabrizio Mossotti - Wikipedia

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