Schwarz, Friedrich Heinrich Christian

BORN 30 May 1766, Giessen - DIED 3 Apr 1837
GRAVE LOCATION Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg: Bergfriedhof, Rohrbacher Strasse (Abteilung J)

Theologist who worked for 34 years in Heidelberg. He married a daughter of the theologist Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling. He published several books on education, among them "Lehrbuch der Pädagogik und Didaktik". He was well liked and had many friends among the professors in Heidelberg.


The grave of F.H.C. Schwarz at the Bergfriedhof, Heidelberg.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 2010)


Schwerdgeburth, Carl August

Published: 05 Jun 2011
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