Schwerdgeburth, Carl August

BORN 9 Aug 1785, Dresden, Sachsen - DIED 25 Oct 1878
GRAVE LOCATION Weimar, Thüringen: Historischer Friedhof, Poseckscher Garten

Carl August Schwerdgeburth was copper engraver to the court of Weimar. He is best known for his engraving of Goethe and a cycle about the life of Martin Luther. He knew Goethe and the drawing for the engraving was seen by Goethe, who approved it. In 1831 Goethe visited him in Tannroda during his voyage home from his last visit to Illmenau.

Sometimes his work is confused with that of his half sister Cäcilie Amalie Schwerdgeburth.

Related persons
• knew Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von


The grave of Carl August Schwerdgeburth and Otto Schwerdgeburth at the Friedhof vor dem Frauenturm, Weimar.
Picture by Androom (05 Feb 2005)


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