Scribe, Fernand

BORN 1851, Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen - DIED 17 Aug 1913, Bottelare, Oost-Vlaanderen (near Merelbeke)
GRAVE LOCATION Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen: Westerbegraafplaats (Plein AB, rij 21, nr. 1)

Fernand Scribe came from a wealthy family of industrialists. He obtained a degree in engineering but he never practised in the industry. Instead he devoted his life to the fine arts. He studied at the Art Academy in Gent from 1873 to 1875 and was a private pupil of Jean-François Portaels and Alfred Cluysenaer in Brussels. In 1881-1882 he finished his studies at the Académie Julian in Paris.

He mostly painted landscapes and city views and travelled in North Africa. From 1883 he was an organiser of the Salons in Ghent. He was a founder of the Société des Amis du Musée de Gand in 1897. Scribe collected old paintings as well as modern paintings. After his death many of his paintings were left to the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent.


The grave of Fernand Scribe at the Westerbegraafplaats, Gent.
Picture by Androom (26 Apr 2014)


Scutta, Josefine

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