Evans, Oliver

BORN 13 Sep 1755, Newport, Delaware - DIED 15 Apr 1819, New York City, New York
GRAVE LOCATION New York City, New York: Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, Riverside Drive 770 (Between 153th and 155th Street)

Evans Oliver came from a family of Welsh settlers. He became apprentice to a wheelwright when he was fourteen years old. In 1777 he designed a machine for making card teeth for carding wool. Later he invented an automated grist mill that he patented.

In 1792 he moved to Philadelphia, where he produced an improved high-pressure steam engine. He didn't always find the financial backing to realize his inventions and he spent much of his time in enforcing his patents. In 1805 he designed a refrigeration machine that ran on vapor, but he never built it (Jakob Perkins modified his designed and patented the first refrigirating machine in 1834).

In 1819 he was in New York when he received news that his workshop in Philadelphia had burned down to the ground. He was so shocked at the news that he suffered a stroke and he died soon afterwards.


The grave of Oliver Evans at Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, New York City.
Picture by Androom (17 Apr 2010)


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