Schwarz, Frederick

BORN 18 Oct 1836, Herford, Westphalen - DIED 17 May 1911, New York City, New York: Manhattan
BIRTH NAME Schwarz, Frederick Augustus Otto
GRAVE LOCATION New York City, New York: Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn (Section 111, Lot 19751)

Frederick Schwarz emigrated from Germany to the USA in 1856 with his three brothers Henry, Richard and Gustav. He worked for a stationery importer in Baltimore and started selling tots from the store window.

He started his own shop in 1862 and in 1870 he started a store on Broadway in New York, "Toy Bazaar". Stores in Philadelphia and Boston followed. The company is now named "FAO Schwarz" and is the oldest toy retailer in the USA, although only the store in New York in the General Motors Building is left now.

Schwarz married Caroline Clausen with whom he had three sons and three daughters. After his death in 1911 he was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn.


The grave of Frederic Schwarz at Greenwood Cemetery, New York City.
Picture by Androom (15 Apr 2010)


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