Rehan, Ada

BORN 22 Apr 1857, Limerick: Shannon Street - DIED 8 Jan 1916, New York City, New York
BIRTH NAME Crehan, Ada
GRAVE LOCATION New York City, New York: Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn (Section 145, Lot 26963)

Ada Rehan was born in Ireland as the daughter of a ship carpenter. She came to the USA with her family when she was six years old. She grew up in Brooklyn. He older sisters Mary (b.1848) and Harriet (b.1850) worked as actresses and she had some minor acting parts herself as a child. Her acting became more serious in 1873 in Philadelphia when she joined Mrs. Drew's ensemble at the Arch Street Theatre, debuting as Clara in "Across the Continent". She stayed with Mrs. Drew until 1875 and after that she worked with John W. Albaugh's company at Baltimore and other places.

She was of great physical beauty and in 1879 she joined Augustin Daly's newly opened theatre in New York and she stayed there until his death in 1899. She appeared in many cities in Europe and continued her acting career until 1906. Her best known part was Katherine in "The Taming of the Shrew". The last years of her live she lived in New York and there she died in 1916.

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• was painted by Sargent, John Singer


The grave of Ada Rehan at Greenwood Cemetery, New York City.
Picture by Androom (15 Apr 2010)


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