Kugler, Bernard

BORN 14 Jul 1837, Berlin - DIED 7 Apr 1898, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg: Stadtfriedhof, Gmelinstrasse 20 (L XIV 17/18)

Benrard Kugler was the son of Professor Franz Kugler (1808-1858). He studied in Tübingen, Munich and Greifswald. From 1861 he worked as a teacher. In 1867 he became an associate Professor of History and a full professorship followed in 1874. He had married Else Zoepritz (1845-1921) in 1869. They had no children.

The main subject of his research were the Crusades. In 1886 he was awarded the Knights of Honor of the Order of the Württemberg Crown. In 1892 he became the dean of the faculty of philosophy of the University of Tübingen.


The grave of Bernard Kugler at the Stadtfriedhof, Tübingen.
Picture by Androom (30 Jan 2010)


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