Moritz, Graf von Sachsen

BORN 28 Oct 1696, Goslar, Niedersachsen - DIED 30 Nov 1750, Chambord, Val-de-Loire: Château de Chambord
GRAVE LOCATION Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin: Église Saint-Thomas, Rue Martin Luther

Moritz of Saxony was a natural son of king August II of Saxony. he started his military career under Eugène of Savoy in 1709/1710. In 1711 his father created him Duke of Saxony (Graf von Sachsen). In 1719 he took service in the French army and in 1726 he was elected duke of Courland. He was close to marrying the future empress Anna Ivanovna of Russia, but Russian and Polish opposition prevented this.

During the war for Polish Succession in 1733-1735 he fought for France against Saxony. Back in France he wrote on military life in "Mes rêveries" (also published as "Reveries upon the Art of War").

He captured Prague in 1741 during the war of Austrian Succession and in 1744 he was made a marshall of France. In 1745 he commanded an army of 40.000 troops where he defeated 50.000 troops led by Cumberland at Fontenoy. In 1746 he captured Brussels and in 1748 Maastricht. Afterwards he retired to the royal chateau of Chambord where he died in 1750.


The grave monument for Moritz, Graf von Sachsen (Maurice de Saxe) at the St.-Thomas church, Strasbourg (detail).
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2003)


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