Saulys, Jurgis

BORN 23 Apr 1879, Balsenai, Klaipedos - DIED 18 Oct 1948, Lugano, Ticino
GRAVE LOCATION Lugano, Ticino: Cimitero di Castagnola, Piazza San Giorgio (Loculo 176)

Jurgis Saulys was educated the Theological Seminary in Kaunas, but he was dismissed because of his participation in the Knygnseiai movement, that distributed books in the Lithanian language. He moved to Vilnius, where he was a member of the 12 Apostles of the movement for independence and a founder of the Lithuanian Democratic Party. He continued his political activities in Switzerland, where he studied economics in Bern.

After his graduation he returned to Vilnius, where he was the editor of the newspaper Lietuvos Zinios. In 1918 he signed the Act of Indepence as a member of the Council of Lithuania. He entered the diplomatic service and was envoy to Germany, Switzerland, the Vatican and Poland. In 1933 he married the opera singer Mafalda Salvatini. After the German invasion of Poland he and Mafalda moved to Lugano. He served as Lituanian ambassador in Bern until 1946 and he died in Ligano in 1948.

• Wife: Salvatini, Mafalda (1933-1948)


The grave of Jurgis Saulys at the Cimitero di Castagnola in Lugano, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (15 Feb 2019)


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