Rosenbaum, Wladimir

BORN 10 Dec 1894, Minsk - DIED 24 Sep 1984, Ascona, Ticino
GRAVE LOCATION Ascona, Ticino: Cimitero Comunale, Via Losone (A20)

Wladimir Rosenbaum was the son of a Jewish lawyer. Out of fear for pogroms His father took him to Switzerland in 1902 and from 1903 onwards he lived with his mother in Geneva. He studied law in Bern. In 1917 he married Aline Valangin with whom he had an art salon in Zurich that was visited by Hans Arp, Max Ernst, Elias Canetti, Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse and others. At the time he worked as the Food Office as a lawyer.

In 1929 he and Aline bought the Casa Barca in Comologno near Lugano where they offered shelter to artistical refugees. After he was involved in arms transactions for the Spanish Civil War he was arrested and he lost his lawyer's license in Switzerland. He was sentenced to four months of imprisonment in 1938. After his release he settled in Ascona, where he lived until his death in 1984. He divorced Aline in 1940 and married the photographer and author Anne de Valenti-Montet (1912-2009). His third wife was the librarian and actress Sybille Kroeber (1915-1997).

• Wife: Valangin, Aline (1917-1940) (divorce or separation)

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• was visited by Arp, Hans
• was visited by Canetti, Elias
• was visited by Ernst, Max
• was visited by Hesse, Hermann


The grave of Wladimir Rosenbaum and Aline Valangin at the Cimitero Comunale in Ascona, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (16 Feb 2019)


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