Ortner, Norbert

BORN 10 Aug 1865, Linz, Oberösterreich - DIED 1 Mar 1935, Salzburg
BIRTH NAME Ortner von Rodenstätt, Norbert, Ritter
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Friedhof Rodaun, Leinmüllergasse 1 (Teil A, Nummer 499)

Nobert Ortner was a student of Edmund von Neusser (1852-1912) and he succeeded him at the Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung in Vienna. Later he became a professor at the universities of Innsbruck and Vienna. Two medical symdronms were named after him. He married Henriette Wasserburger, the daughter of a doctor from Branau on 06/01/1898.

In 1916 he Ortner involved in the preservation of the corpse of emperor Franz Joseph and a head of the Second Medical University Clinic he was one of the three persons who signed the protocol. In 8 December 1916 he was enobled by the new emperor Karl I and he received the title "Von Rodenstätt". But after the fall of the empire nobility was abolished on 3 April 1919 and he lost his title.

Related persons
• has a connection with Franz Joseph von Habsburg, Emperor of Austria


The grave of Norbert Ortner at the Friedhof Rodaun, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (11 Aug 2018)


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