Stern, Julia-Lotte

BORN 11 Jan 1897, Berlin - DIED 13 Dec 1967, Salzburg
GRAVE LOCATION Salzburg: Kommunalfriedhof, Gneiser Strasse 8 (Gruppe 78, Reihe 5, Nummer 2 (ashes))

Julia-Lotte Stern was an altsoprano. She was the daughter of Richard Stein, who published music and worked for the piano production company Seiler. His mother Antonie Habicht was a singing teacher from Berlin. Her grandfather Julius Stern had founded a conservatory in Berlin. From an early age she wrote poems and she took private lessons in singing, piano and the history of music.

In the 1920s she performed in concerts and she oftend cooperated with the pianist Elsa Schiller. Together they performed all over Berlin, but also in Hungary and The Netherlands. After the nazis came to power in 1933 she joined the Reichsmusikkammer, but it was discovered that she was partly Jewish and in 1935 she was prohibited to work. Soon afterwards the president of the Reichskulturkammer Peter Raabe intervened and she was allowed to work again because her father had done so much for German art.

During the 1930s she was in a relationship with the physician Bruno Osmand, but she didn't manage to follow him to Sweden to marry him. Her heritage was investigated again, but she kept a low profile and survived the war.

After the war she resumed her career. Elsa Schiller had been deported to Theresienstadt but she survived and they performed together many more times, although she wasn't as popular now as she had been before the war.

In 1948 she married the Dutch singer Cornelis van Dijk, who was fifteen years younger than she was, but in 1956 she followed Elsa Schiller to Hamburg. Elsa had given up her work as a pianist and now worked for Deutschen Grammophon Gesellschaft. In 1963 Stern and Van Dijk were divorced and in 1965 she joined Elsa Schiller in Hof near Salzburg, where they built a house together with another female friend. During the winters they lived in Munich. She died in 1967 of cancer. She was buried at the Kommunalfriedhof. After Elsa died in 1974 she was buried in the same grave.

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• cooperated with Schiller, Elsa


The grave of Julia-Lotte Stern and Elsa Schiller at the Kommunalfriedhof, Salzburg.
Picture by Androom (31 Aug 2014)


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