Borsody, Eduard von

BORN 13 Jun 1898, Wien - DIED 1 Jan 1970, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Hietzinger Friedhof, Maxingstraße 15, Hietzing (Gruppe 60, Reihe 2, Nummer 17)

Eduard von Borsody was the younger brother of the set designer Julius von Borsody. He started as a cameraman and collaborated on three films by Michael Curtiz in the 1920s. After the introduction of the sound film he worked for UFA as a film editor, often working under Gustav Uccicky and among the films he edited were the propaganda movies "Morgenrot" (1933) and "Flüchtlinge" (1933). In 1937 he directed his first movie "Brillanten". "Kongo-Express" (1939) was an adventure film with Willy Birgel and Marianne Hoppe. In 1940 he directed the propaganda movie "Wunschkonzert" that was among the most popular movies of the nazi era. The filimg of "Weltraumschiff 18" was halted when the war broke out. "Jugendliebe" was forbidden by then sensors and first shown in 1947.

After the war he could continu his career without any problems. He directed a number of Heimatfilme and his romantic comedy "Dany, bitte schreiben Sie" (1956) was a success. In 19863 he directed his last movie `Bergwind`. He married Maria Hochreiter )1901/1980' and his son Hans von Borsody was a well known actor. Eduard von Borsody died in Vienna in 1970.

Related persons
• is brother/sister of Borsody, Julius von
• cooperated with Ucicky, Gustav


The grave of Edward von Borsody and Julius von Borsody at the Hietzing Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2014)


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