Llorente, Jerónima

BORN 1793, Añover del Tajo - DIED 1848, Madrid
GRAVE LOCATION Madrid: Cementerio de San Justo (Pantheon de Hombres Illustres, 10th vault)

Jerónima Llorente debuted at the Teatro del Príncipe when she was fifteen years old. There she directed by Juan Grimaldi. she came to fame playing strong characters. She died in 1848 was buried at the San Sebastian Cemetery in Madrid. Her remains were transferred to the Cementerio de San Justo in Madrid on 11 July 1934. In 1887 a street was named after her in Madrid.


The grave of Fernando Ossorio, Antonio Guzman and Jerónima Llorente at the Cementerio de San Justo, Madrid.
Picture by Androom (07 May 2012)


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Published: 27 Jan 2019
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