Marr, Hans

BORN 22 Jul 1878, Breslau (now: Wroclaw) - DIED 31 Mar 1949, Wien
BIRTH NAME Richter, Johann Julius
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Feuerhalle Simmering, 11., Simmeringer Hauptstraße 337 (Abteilung 07, Ring 3, Gruppe 2, Nummer 76)

Hans Marr started studying art history, but he took acting lessons and debuted in 1897 at the Königlichen Schauspielhaus in Berlin. He worked in Gotha, Gorlitz, Breslau, Graz and Cologne before he was engaged at the Lessingtheater in Berlin 1905. In 1914 Hugo Thimig contracted him at the Burgtheater and he worked there from 1914 to 1919 and from 1924 to 1949.

In 1913 he made his movie debut in "Eva" and in 1920 he played in "Das wandernde Bild" by Fritz Lang. In 1923 as well as in 1934 he played the part of Wilhelm Tell in films of the same name. In the 1920s he made radio programs with actress Ida Orloff and in later years he said that she was 'eine kleine dicke Madame' ('a fat little madame') with a voice that was still 'zauberhaft' ('magical'). In 1938 he received the title of state actor and in 1944 he was on the list of indispensable actors. He died in Vienna in 1949.

Related persons
• cooperated with Orloff, Ida


The grave of Hans Marr at the Feuerhalle Simmering, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (15 Aug 2019)


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