Gold, Käthe

BORN 11 Feb 1907, Wien - DIED 11 Oct 1997, Wien
BIRTH NAME Gold, Katharina Stephanie
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Friedhof Sievering, Nottebohmstrasse 51 (Gruppe 29, Reihe 5, Nummer 9)

Käthe Gold was born and educated in Vienna. As a child she had parts in Vienna and in 1926 she debuted in Bern. She also held engagements in Breslau and Munich. In 1932 she moved to Berlin, where she had her break. From 1935 until 1944 she was engaged at the Preußischen Staatstheater. One of her early movies, Reinhold Schünzel's "Amphytrion" (1935) was a huge success. She appreared in a few more movies, among them "Das Fräulein von Barnhelm" (1940).

After the Preußischen Staatstheater was closed in 1944 she moved to Zürich where she restarted her theatre career. From 1947 until 1985 she was engaged at the Burgtheater in Vienna. In 1974 she was Klara May in the movie "Karl May". She also appeared on television in German series like "Derrick" and "Der Kommissar". She was awarded both the Reinhardt ring and the Josef-Kainz medal.


Käthe Gold.


The grave of Käthe Gold at the Sievering Cemetery in Vienna.
Picture by androom (15 Aug 2006)


Käthe Gold.


Käthe Gold.
Picture by Foto Binz


Käthe Gold.
Picture by Regina Film


Internet Movie Database
Porträt der Schauspielerin Käthe Gold by Thomas Staedeli

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