Gérard, Rosemonde

BORN 5 Apr 1871, Paris - DIED 5 Apr 1953, Paris
BIRTH NAME Gérard, Louise Rose Étienette
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Passy Cimetière, 2 Rue du Commandant Schloesing (division 10)

Rosemonde Gérard was a granddaughter of Étienne Maurice Gérarc, who was Prime Minister of France for a short time in 1834. Her father died young and Alexandre Dumas fils was her turtor. She married the author Edmond Rostand in 1890 with Jules Massenat as a witness. The couple had two sons, Maurice (1891-1968) and Jean (1894-1977).

In 1889 "Les Pipeaux" was published. It included her poem "L'éternelle chanson" and lines from it became very popular after a the jeweler Alphonse Augis engraved them on medaillons. More volumes of poetry followed. In 1912 she wrote "Un bon petit Diable" together with her husband and it was made into a movie with Mary Pickford as "A Good Little Devil" (1913).

Her husband died in 1918. She continued writing poetry for many more years. She died in 1953 in Paris.

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The grave of Rosemonde Gérard at Passy Cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (06 Nov 2016)


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