Anschütz, Ottomar

BORN 16 May 1846, Lissa (now: Leszno, near Poznan) - DIED 30 May 1907, Berlin: Friedenau
CAUSE OF DEATH appendicitis
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Stubenrauchstraße 43-45 (31-23/24)

Ottomar Anschütz was educated as a photographer in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. Het worked as a decoratie painter and a portrait photographer. He experimented with moving images and developed the Rouleau shutter. In 1886 he created a predecessor of the movie projector with which he was able to project 30 pictures per second. It was taken into production by Siemens and sold as the Electrical Wonder Automat.

He died in 1907 in Berlin and only in later years his importance for the development of film was realized.


The grave of Ottomor Anschütz at the Dritte Schöneberger Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (15 Nov 2004)


Anschütz, Rosa

Published: 26 Jun 2011
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