Turnograjska, Josipina

BORN 9 Jul 1833, Preddvor, Krain: Schloss Thurn - DIED 1 Jun 1854, Graz, Steiermark
BIRTH NAME Urbancic, Josipina
CAUSE OF DEATH childbirth
GRAVE LOCATION Graz, Steiermark: St. Leonhard-Friedhof (110-400-016)

Josopina Urbancic was born at Thurn Castle and from this she took her pseudonym Josipina Turnogradska. She was educated privately at home. Her father died when she was eight years old. Apart from music and languages she was also taught history and natural sciences and she decided she wanted to be a writer.

She started writing stories when she was seventeen and by 1851 they were published in literary magazines. She also wrote poems and songs.

In 1850 she was engaged to the poet Lovro Toman. He studied law in Graz. They corresponded intensively and over thousand letters have survived. They married in 1853 and settled in Graz. Only one year later she died there from a combination of childbirth and measles. At the time of her early death she had written around thirty stories.


The grave of Josipina Toman at the st. Leonhard-Friedhof, Graz.
Picture by Androom (14 Sep 2004)


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