Preiss, Wolfgang

BORN 27 Feb 1910, Nürnberg, Bayern - DIED 27 Nov 2002, Bühl, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg: Stadtfriedhof (C (between Feld 07 and Feld 10))

Wolfgang Preiss was the son of a teacher. He studied philosophy, German and drama. He also took acting lessons with Hans Schlenck and debuted in Munich in 1932 and appeared in many theatres in various cities.

In 1942 he appeared in his first movie, "Die grosse Liebe", next to Zarah Leander. He returned to the theatre after the war and in 1954 he resumed his movie career. He was best known as the bad guy in the Dr. Mabuse movies. In other movies he frequently portrayed German officers. In 1956 he received the Bundesfilmpreis for his part as Graf von Stauffenberg in "Der 20. Juli". In 1962 he was in "The Longest Day" and in 1978 in "The Boys from Brazil".


The grave of Wolfgang Preiss at the Stadtfriedhof, Baden-Baden.
Picture by Androom (31 Aug 2008)


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