Bleibtreu, Hedwig

BORN 23 Dec 1868, Linz, Oberösterreich - DIED 24 Jan 1958, Wien-Pötzleinsdorf
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Friedhof Pötzleinsdorf, 18., Starkfriedgasse 67 (Gruppe F, Nummer 88/89)

Daughter of Sigismund Bleibtreu (1819-1894), who was an actor, painter and an officer. Her mother Amalie Hybl (1835-1917) was an actress at the Landestheater in Linz. When she was four years old she was on the stage in "Der Verschwender" at the Theater an der Wien. She was educated at the Conservatory in Vienna and in 1886 she debuted in Augsburg. she held further engagements in Brünn, Berlin, Kassel and Munich.

From 1893 until her death she was a member of the ensemble of the Burgtheater in Vienna. There she was famous for hte tragedies in the style of Charlotte Wolter. From 1923 onwards she also appeared in movies. In 1940 she had a part in the nazi propaganda movie "Wunschkonzert". Her best known movie part was the old lady in "The Third Man" (1949).

She also worked as a teacher and among her pupils was Helene Thimig. Her first husband was the actor Alexander Roempler. She married him when she was 32 years old. He died of heart failure in 1909. In 1910 or 1911 she married her second husband, Max Paulsen, who became director of the Burgtheater in later years.

• Husband: Paulsen, Max (-1956)

Related persons
• was teacher of Pauli-Basch, Hertha
• was teacher of Thimig, Helene


The grave of Hedwig Bleibtreu at the Friedhof Pötzleinsdorf, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2007)


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