Thimig, Hugo

BORN 16 Jun 1854, Dresden, Sachsen - DIED 24 Sep 1944, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Friedhof Sievering, Nottebohmstrasse 51 (Gruppe 02, Reihe 13, Nummer 76)

Hugo Thimig started his professional career as a commercial clerk, but he was already an amateur actor at that time. In 1872 je was in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and soon he was recognised as a talent. In 1874 he was engaged at the Burgtheater in Vienna and he would stay there until 1923.

He was a leading actor there for years and in 1912 he became its director (until 1917). He was the one to fire the actress Ida Orloff in 1913 after she appeared in the movie "Atlantis" without his permission, although her contract only stated that she was not allowed to work for other theatres.

During the twenties he appeared in some movies, among them "Das verbotene Land" (1924) and "Pratermizzi" (1927). He received the Goethe medal for art and science when he celebrated his seventieth birthday.

Thimig was married to Franziska Hummel. Their sons Hans and Hugo and their daughter Helene were all successful actors.

• Daughter: Thimig, Helene
• Son: Thimig, Hermann

Related persons
• has a connection with Orloff, Ida
• was teacher of Thimig, Helene


The Thimig gravesite at the Sievering Cemetery in Vienna.
Picture by androom (15 Aug 2006)


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