Philippe, Nizier Anthelme

BORN 25 Apr 1849, Loisieux, Savoie - DIED 2 Aug 1905, L'Arbresle, Rhône
GRAVE LOCATION Lyon: Cimetière de Loyasse, 43, rue du Cardinal-Gerlier (Allee 1, on the right)

Nizier Anthelme Philippe came from a peasant family. He studied in Lyons and during his studies developed an interest in Martinism. During his apprenticeship at the hospital in Lyons he tried to cure patients by spiritual means. This led to his dismissal from his studies. In 1877 he married Jeanne Landar (1859-1939).

He lived in Lyons, where he around 1895 he had a school of magnetism and massage. In Paris he was known as a miracle worker among occultists. His followers called him Monsieur Philippe.

His pupil Papus brought him into contact with the Russian imperial family (1900-1902) and he moved to St. Petersburg because he was being investigated for practising medicin without a license. After he returned to France he lived in L'Arbresle, where he died in 1905. His daughter Victoire had died in 1904, aged only 25. His secretary Alfred Hael wrote the biography "Vies et paroles du maître Philippe".

Related persons
• was teacher to Papus


The grave of Nizier Anthelme Philippe at the Loyasse cimetière, Lyon.
Picture by Androom (03 Dec 2007)


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