Silcher, Friedrich

BORN 27 Jun 1789, Schnait im Remstal, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 26 Aug 1860, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg: Stadtfriedhof, Gmelinstrasse 20 (E XVII 01)

Friedrich Silcher started working as a teacher in Ludwigsburg in 1809. There he met the composers Carl Maria von Weber and Konradin Kreutzer, who stimulated him to dedicate his life to music. He moved to Stuttgart to work as a music teacher and in 1817 he became the musical director of the University of Tübigen.

In 1829 he founded the Tübinger Akademische Liedertafel. His songs, among them "Ich weiss nicht, was soll es bedeuten" based on Heinrich Heine's poem "The Lorelei", became very popular. He was married to Luise Rosine Ensslin (1804-1871) from Tübingen.

In 1912 the Schwäbischer Sängerbund founded the Silchermuseum in his birthplace Schnait.

Related persons
• was pupil of Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
• was influenced by Weber, Carl Maria von


The grave of Friedrich Silcher at the Stadtfriedhof, Tübingen.
Picture by Androom (30 Jan 2010)


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