Schneider, Sascha

BORN 21 Sep 1870, St. Petersburg - DIED 18 Aug 1927, Swinemünde
CAUSE OF DEATH diabetic attack
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Friedhof Dresden-Loschwitz, Pillnitzer Landstrasse

Sascha Schneider was the son of an editor who was also the owner of a printing-office. He grew up in St. Petersburg and moved with his family to Zürich in 1881 and after his father's dead to Dresden. In 1889 he started his studies at the Art Academy in Dresden. In 1893 he set up a studio together with a friend and from 1894 onwards he exhibited. In 1900 he opened his own studio in Meissen.

In 1903 he met Karl May, who decided to republish his travel works with covers by Schneider. Around the same time Schneider became a professor in Weimar. Schneider and May became close friends. In 1908 he moved to Florence, but when the First World War broke out he went back to Germany and lived in Dresden until his death in 1927.

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The grave of Sascha Schneider at the cemetery in Dresden-Loschwitz.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 2000)


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