Schneiderhan, Wolfgang

BORN 28 May 1915, Wien - DIED 18 May 2002, Wien
BIRTH NAME Schneiderhan, Wolfgang Eduard
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Neustift am Walde Friedhof, P÷tzleinsdorfer H÷he 2 (Gruppe 22, Reihe 5, Nummer 5 (Ehrengrab))

Wolfgang Scheiderhand was known as a child prodigy after he performed at the age of five. From 1922 to 1928 he studied with Otakar SevcÝk (1852-1934) in Pisek and in 1925 Julius Winkler was his teacher in Vienna. From 1933 to 1937 he was concertmaster of the Vienna Symphny Orchestra and in 1937 he obtained this position at the Vienna State Opera. After Ricardo Odnoposoff was unable to provide a certificate of being an Aryan, Schneiderhan succeeded him as concertmaster at the Wiener Philharmoniker in 1938. There he worked until 1950. At the same time he played from 1938 to 1951 in the schneiderhan Quartet with Otto Strasser (1901-1996), Ernst Morawec (1884-1980) and Richard Krotschek 1904-1989).

In 1940 he became a member of the NSDAP and in 1944 the Quartet was put on the Gottbegnadeten list. After the war his name was cleared in 1946 and he continued his career. In 1948 he married the soprano Irmgard Seefried. From 1949 he directed the violin master classes at the International Music Festival in Lucerne. He played with Edwin Fischer (1886-1886) and Enrico Mainardi (1897-1976) as a trio. He became a teacher at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and from 1939 to 1950 at the Vienna University of Music. In 1975 he returned there as a professor to teach until 1985. He died in Vienna in 2002.

• Wife: Seefried, Irmgard (1948-1988)

Related persons
• performed with Seefried, Irmgard


The grave of Irmgard Seefried and Wolfgang Schneiderhan at the Neustift am Walde Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2007)


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