Bandera, Stepan

BORN 1 Jan 1909, Ucryuin, Western Ukraine - DIED 15 Oct 1959, München, Bayern: Kreittmayrstrasse 7
BIRTH NAME Popel, Stefan
CAUSE OF DEATH murdered with cyanide gas
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Waldfriedhof (043-W-10)

Stepan Bandera was involved with several Ukrain nationalist organisations and in 1931 he became the Propaganda Officer of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. In 1933 he became its leader in Galicia. In 1934 he was arrested in Lviv and sentenced to death because of his part in a plot to murder the Polish minister of internal affairs, Bronislav Pieracki. His sentenced was changed to imprisonment for life, but he was in 1939 by Ukrainians or Germans.

Between 1941 and 1944 he the Germans put him in concentration camps. In 1959 he collapsed on the street in Munich in the Kreyttmayrstrasse. It was thought that he had committed suicide, but in 1961 it became clear that was murdered by KGB defector Bohdan Stachinsky. There's a statue of him in Lviv.


The grave of Stephan Bandera at the Waldfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2007)


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