Röhm, Ernst

BORN 28 Jan 1887, München, Bayern - DIED 1 Jul 1934, München, Bayern: Stadelheim prison
CAUSE OF DEATH murdered by gunshot
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Westfriedhof, Baldurstrasse 28 (059-3-1)

Ernst Röhm served in the Bavarian army during the First World War. He was wounded in Lorraine in 1914 and received the Iron Cross. After the war he joined a Freikorps in Munich and in 1920 he joined the NSDAP, where he was one of the leaders of the SA (Sturmabteilung). He worked closely together with Adolf Hitler and after the Putsch of 1923 he was arrested and sentenced to one year and three months in jail but released immediately.

In 1924 he was a member of the Reichgstag but in 1925 he resigned and moved to Bolivia where he advised the army. In 1930 Hitler asked him to return and in 1931 he became the chief of staff of the SA. The SA had over a million members and it helped the NSDAP come to power by intimidating its opponents. After Hitler came to power he wasn't any longer in need of the SA and the almost open homosexuality of Röhm and some other SA leaders was a hindrance.

Röhm wanted the Reichswehr to be merged into the SA but Hitler announded that he wanted to reduce the SA. During the Night of the Long Knives Röhm and other SA leaders were arrested at Bad Wiessee by Hitler, who had flown to Munich. They were imprisoned at Stadelheim Prison in Munich. Hitler wanted Röhm to commit suicide, but Röhm refused and was shot by Theodor Eicke and Michael Lippert. Hitler explained the killing of Röhm and the other SA leaders as a defence against treason.

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• was a friend of Schneidhuber, August


The grave of Ernst Röhm at the Westfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (02 Sep 2013)


The former Kurheim Hanselbauer in Bad Wiessee. Here Ernst Röhm was arrested in 1934.
Picture by Androom (02 Sep 2016)


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