Schlegel, Friedrich von

BORN 10 Mar 1772, Hannover, Niedersachsen - DIED 12 Jan 1829, Dresden, Sachsen
BIRTH NAME Schlegel, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Alter Katholischer Friedhof, Friedrichstrasse 54

Youngest son in a family of seven children and the brother of August Wilhelm von Schlegel. He studied law and letters. In 1797 he went to Berlin, where together with his brother he published the journal "Athenäum". He started an affair with Dorothea Mendelssohn, who was married to the merchant Veit. His novel "Lucinde" (1799) was understood to be about this affair and caused a scandal in Berlin.

Schlegel lectured at the University of Jena (1800-1801) and then went to live with Dorothea (who had divorced her husband) in Paris (1802-1804). In 1804 they married and settled in Köln. In 1808 they became catholics and he went to work for the Austrian court in Vienna. He founded the study of study of Indo-Aryan languages. When the opposition against Napoleon grew he became a spokesman for German liberation. From 1820 until 1823 he was the editor of the Roman Catholic journal Concordia.

• Wife: Schlegel, Dorothea von (1804-1829, Paris)

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2/8/1793First meeting between Friedrich Schlegel and Caroline Schelling in Leipzig 
6/6/1804Dorothea Schlegel arrives in Cologne. She was about to set u pher household with Friedrich Schlegel. [Schlegel, Dorothea von]
8/9/1804Wilhelm Schlegel visits Friedrich and Caroline Schelling in Würzburg 
16/4/1808Friedrich and Dorothea Schlegel convert to Catholicism in Cologne [Schlegel, Dorothea von]


The grave of Friedrich von Schlegel at the Alter Katholischer Friedhof in Dresden.
Picture by Androom (5 Aug 1998)


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