Dorval, Marie

BORN 6 Jan 1798, Lorient, Morbihan - DIED 20 May 1849, Paris
BIRTH NAME Delaunay, Marie
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière du Montparnasse, 3 Boulevard Edgar Quinet (division 06)

Mary Dorval's father left the family when she was five and when she was eigh years old she was already on the stage. After her mother died she married the actor Alain Dorval when she was fifteen. When he died five years later they had two children. She continued her acting, but only in 1829 she was very successful in "Trente ans, ou la vie d'un joueur". Around this time she married the journalist Jean-Toussaint Merle.

In 1833 she met George Sand after Sand had written her a letter. They became close friends and possibly had a lesbian relationship. Dorval was warned by her former lover the Comte de Vigny to stay away from Sand, but they remained friends until her death.

She had several more successes at the Odéon Theatre (1843-1845) before she lost the favour of the public. During her last years she travelled the country with a group of actors. Her health declined and the death of one of her grandchildren was a heavy blow to her. After her death in 1849 and Sand financially supported her grandchildren.

Related persons
• was the lover of Vigny, Alfred Victor, Comte de


The grave of Marie Dorval at Montparnasse Cimetière, Paris.
Picture by Androom (18 May 2005)


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