Aubry, Thérèse

BORN 1772 - DIED 1829
BIRTH NAME Aubry, Thérèse Angélique
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Montmartre Cimetière, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 30, ligne 02, 73)

Thérèse Aubry was a classical dancer who worked for the ballet of the Opera in Paris. In 1793 she was elected by Jacques-Louis David to appear as the Goddess of Reason during ceremonies at the Notre Dame in Paris. In 1807 she was wounded during a performance of the ballet "Le Retour d'Ulysse" after the machine on which she was descending collapsed.

Related persons
• worked as a model for David, Jacques-Louis


The grave of Thérèse Aubry at the Montmartre Cimetière, Paris.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2017)


Auclert, Hubertine

Published: 29 Jun 2018
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