Campe, Julius

BORN 18 Feb 1797, Deensen, Niedersachsen (near Holzminden) - DIED 14 Nov 1867, Hamburg
BIRTH NAME Campe, Julius Johann Wilhelm
GRAVE LOCATION Hamburg: Friedhof Ohlsdorf, Fühlsbüttler Strasse 756 (Y 13 (266-270), Mausoleum)

Nephew of the autor and publisher Joachim Heinrich Campe (1746-1818). He worked in the bookshop of his half-brother August Campe (1772-1836) and participated in the war against Napoleon. In 1816 he left the army and in 1823 he became the director of the publishing house Hoffmann & Campe. He published radical authors like Heinrich Heine, Ludwig Börne, Christian Hebbel and others. Although he dealt well with the censorship, in 1841 the entire output of his publishing house was forbidden in Prussia. In that same year he was the first to publish the Deutschlandlied by Hoffmann von Fallersleben.

After his death in 1867 he was buried at the Friedhof St. Petri. In later years his remains were transferred to the Ohlsdorf Cemetery where his son, the publisher and politician Julius Heinrich Wilhelm Campe (1846-1909) was buried.

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The grave of Julius Campe at the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof, Hamburg.
Picture by Androom (30 Aug 2012)


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