Bonaparte, Louis-Clovis

BORN 11 Feb 1859 - DIED 14 May 1894, London: 52 Chepstow Villas
GRAVE LOCATION London: St Mary's Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green

Louis-Clvis was the only son of Louis Lucien Bonaparte and his father's mistress Clémence Richard. He called himself prince but he had no right to do so because his father married his mother after his birth.

He married Rosalie Barlow in 1888 on the Isle of Man, but the marriage was annulled in 1891. He married his second wife Laura Elizabeth Scott (1872-1953) in 1891. They didn't have any children.

In the early 1850s he lived at 52 Chepstow Villas in London. His career as a civil engineer was promising, but he died in 1894, aged only 35. He was buried near his father at St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London. His wife, princess Laura, and his mother, princess Clemence, quarreled over his small estate.

• Father: Bonaparte, Louis Lucien


The grave of Louis-Clovis Bonaparte at St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London.
Picture by Androom (08 Feb 2012)


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