Guerzoni, Stéphanie

BORN 15 Apr 1887, Wien - DIED 27 Mar 1970, Genève
BIRTH NAME Pechkranz, Stéphanie Caroline Jeanne
GRAVE LOCATION Genève, Genève: Cimetière de Plainpalais, Rue des Rois (G-731)

Stéphanie Guerzoni started as a pupil to Louis Dunki, a painter of military subjects. From 1915 to 1918 Ferdinand Hodler was a teacher. She was one of his late students and in 1957 she published a monography on him. Around 1920 she painted in symbolist style. In later years she was known for her portraits, Italian landscapes and huge decorative paintings. She lived in Geneva and in Italy.

Related persons
• was pupil to Hodler, Ferdinand


The grave of Stéphanie Guerzoni at the Cimitière de Plainpalais, Genève.
Picture by Androom (06 Dec 2007)


• Rossel, Patrice, Une visite du cimetière de Plainpalais, Les Iles Futures, 1994

Guidi, Sébastien Gaeten-Salvador Des

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