Weber, Wilhelm Eduard

BORN 24 Oct 1804, Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt - DIED 23 Jun 1891, Göttingen, Niedersachsen
GRAVE LOCATION Göttingen, Niedersachsen: Stadtfriedhof, Kasseler Landstrasse

Wilhelm Weber was born at the Haus mit der Goldene Kugel at Schlossstrasse 10 in Wittenberg. His father Michael Weber was a Professor of Theology. When the University of Wittenberg was moved the family went to Halle an der Saale, where he was educated and partipated in experiments by his older brother Ernst Heinrich.

After he finished his studies he became an extraordinary professor of natural philosophy in Halle. In 1831 he became professor of physics at the University of Göttingen. He soon became a close collaborator and friend of Carl Gauss. In 1836 he founded the Magnetischen Verein (Magnetic Association) together with Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt.

He was one of the Göttinger Seven who protested against the annulation of the constitution of the Kingdom of Hanover in 1837. This cost him his job and during the next years he worked as a private scientist and travelled much. In 1843 he was engaged as professor of physics in Leipzig, where both his brothers were professors as well. In 1849 he was able to return to Göttingen where he insisted that Johann Benedict Listing should keep his former chair and he became Director of the Astronomical Observatory.

His work with Rudolf Kohlrausch in 1856 supported James Clerk Maxwell in formulating his electromagnetic theory of light. He died in 1891 in Göttingen.

Related persons
• was teacher to Dedekind, Richard
• was a friend of Gauss, Carl Friedrich


The house in Wittenberg where Wilhelm Weber was born.
Picture by Androom (25 Aug 2013)


The grave of Wilhelm Weber at the Stadtfriedhof, Göttingen.
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Statue of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber in Göttingen.
(25 Aug 2017)
Picture by Androom (25 Aug 2017)


Memorial for Wilhelm Weber in Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt.
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