Schörg, Gretl

BORN 17 Jan 1914, Wien - DIED 4 Jan 2006, Wien
BIRTH NAME Schörg, Margarete
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Hernalser Friedhof, 17., Leopold-Kunschak-Platz 7 (Gruppe E, Nummer 129)

Gretl Schörgl was discovered during a beauty contest that she won when she was 23 years old. After she was proclaimed 'Donau Queen' she obtained acting parts without any acting education.

When she replaced a colleague that fell ill in "Das Dreimäderlhaus" it was discovered that she could sing as well. In 1940 she went to Berlin to become a successful singer. Between 1940 in 1962 she appeared in many movies and after the war she became a movie star.

During the 1960s health she suffered from health problems and she limited her appearances. In 1971 she ended her career. She left the public eye and lived in Vienna until her death in 2006.


The grave of Gretl Schörg at Friedhof Hernals, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2009)


Gretl Schörg – Wikipedia

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