Pratten, Catharina

BORN 1821, Mühlheim an der Ruhr - DIED 10 Oct 1895, London
BIRTH NAME Pelzer, Catharina Josephina
GRAVE LOCATION London: Brompton Cemetery, Old Brompton Road, West Brompton (7)

Daughter of the German guitar player Ferdinand Pelzer. She grew up in England and her father taught her to play the guitar. She was still a child when she performed with Giulio Regondi.

In 1854 she married the flutist Robert Sidney Pratten (1824-1868) who was also a well known musician from a very early age. They had three sons and after her marriage she performed as madame Sidney Pratten.

Her focus shifted from performing to teaching and among her students were the princesses Louise and Beatrice. Ernest Shand was a pupil from a later time. After she died in 1895 her sister Giulia continued her guitar school in London.


The grave of Catharina Pratten at Brompton Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (13 May 2011)


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