Fabrizi, Aldo

BORN 1 Nov 1905, Roma, Lazio - DIED 2 Apr 1990, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Piazzale del Verano, 1 (Ampliamento, section 133, row 97, grave 8)

Aldo Fabrizi worked as an actor, writer and director in music halls before he started working on films in 1942. His part in Rossellini's "Open City" (1945) brought him international fame. Often he wrote and directed the movies in which he played himself. He both created drama and comedy. Later in life he also wrote poetry as well as cookbooks. The actress Elena Fabrizi was his sister.

Related persons
• cooperated with Piovani, Pina
• was advised by Rossellini, Roberto


The grave of Aldo Fabrizi at the Cimitero Monumentale al Verano, Rome.
Picture by Androom (24 Jan 2010)


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