Artmann, Hans Carl

BORN 12 Jun 1921, Wien: Breitensee - DIED 4 Dec 2000, Wien
BIRTH NAME Artmann, Hans Carl
CAUSE OF DEATH heart failure
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Feuerhalle Simmering, 11., Simmeringer Hauptstraße 337 (Abteilung 01, Ring 1, Gruppe 2, Nummer 3 (Ehrengrab))

Hans Carl Artmann was the son of a shoemaker. He grew up in the Breitensee part of Vienna. In 1940 he was enlisted in the army but after suffering a wound he was transferred to a punishment battalion in 1941.

After the war he started working for the radio and for the paper "Neue Wege". In the 1950s he was among the founder of the Wiener Gruppe of avantgarde poets, but he left it in 1958. He lived in Sweden from 1961 to 1965 and then in Berlin. In 1972 he settled in Salzburg where he lived with his wife Rosa Pock.

He translated the work of H.P. Lovecraft and others into English. He was also known for his comical parodies of Dracula and Frankenstein. Artmann won several prizes, among them the George-Büchner Prize for Literature in 1997.


The grave of Hans Carl Artmann at the Feuerhalle Simmering, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (12 Aug 2010)


H. C. Artmann - Wikipedia
H. C. Artmann - Wikipedia

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