Fryland, Alfons

BORN 1 May 1888, Wien - DIED 29 Nov 1953, Graz, Steiermark
BIRTH NAME Fritsch, Alphons
GRAVE LOCATION Graz, Steiermark: Katholischer Friedhof St. Peter, Petersgasse 67 (6-10-20)

Alphons Fryland was the son as Moritz Fritsch and his wife Barbara born Blaschke. He grew up in Silesia and attented the Exportakademie in Vienna. From 1914 he studied music in Graz, München and Paris. Karl Peppler gave him acting lessons. During the First World War he served in the army.

In 1919 director Fritz Feisler gave him the main role in his film "Jagd nach dem Glück". He played many film parts as Alphons Fryland until 1933, often appearing with Liane Haid. In 1932 he joined the NSDAP. He stated that he withdrew from the film business after he was disadvantaged by the Jewish producer Alfred Zeisler. He settled in Graz where he resumed using the name Fritsch and worked as a clerk in the district officer. He married Magdalena Stemann (1887-1969) and they had two children. He died in Graz in 1953.

16/11/1928Premiere of the movie "Das Schicksal derer von Habsburg" at the Waterloo-Kino in Hamburg. The movie was directed by Rolf Raffé and the screenplay was written by Max Ferner. Fritz Spira played emperor Franz Joseph next to Erna Morena as empress Elisabeth. Leni Riefenstahl was Mary Vetsera, Alphons Fryland was Rudolf, Albert von Kersten was Graf Hojos, Paul Askonas was Fürst Montenuovo and Maly Delschaft played Stefanie. Carmen Cartellieri was Countess Larisch. Alice Roberts made her debut as Louise von Coburg. [Askonas, Paul][Cartellieri, Carmen][Ferner, Max][Riefenstahl, Leni]


Alfons Fryland.
Picture by Allianz Film, Wien


The grave of Alphons Fryland at the Katholischer Friedhof St. Peter in Graz, Steiermark.
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2023)


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