Strepponi, Guiseppina

BORN 8 Sep 1815, Lodi, Lombardia - DIED 14 Nov 1897, Santa Agata di Busseto, Emilia-Romagna
BIRTH NAME Strepponi, Clelia Maria Josepha
GRAVE LOCATION Milano, Lombardia: Casa di riposo dei Musicisti, Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti 24

Giuseppina Strepponi came from a family of musicians. She studied at the Conservatory in Milan where she won first prize for bel canto in 1834. She debuted in 1834 as Adria in Luigi Ricci's "Chiara di Rosembergh" and in 1835 she sang at the Theater am Kärntnertor in Vienna.

At La Scala in Milan she sang in the premiere of Verdi's "Nabucco" in 1842. She had lived as a common wife with her agent Camillo Cirelli. They had three children. The oldest, Camillino (b.1838), was raised by her former maid. The two daughters were given away for adoption.

The stress of her unordered life and the decline of her voice led to her retirement from the stage in 1846. She became a singing teacher in Paris in October 1846 and there she met Verdi again in 1847. They started living together in 1848 and they married in 1859. She supported him in his career and they stayed together until her death in 1897. She was buried in Milan. After Verdi's death in 1901 both were buried at the Casa di riposo dei Musicisti in Milan.

• Husband: Verdi, Giuseppe (1859-1897, Collonges-sous-Salève, Haute-Savoie)

9/3/1842Premiere of Verdi's opera "Nabucco" at La Scala in Milan. Eugenio Cavallini was the conductor. The singers were Giorgio Rinconi, Giuseppina Strepponi, Corrodo Miraglia, Prosper Dérivis, Teresa Ruggeri, Napoleone Marconi and Gaetano Rossi. [Verdi, Giuseppe]
26/2/1901The remains of Giuseppe Verdi and Giuseppina Strepponi are moved to the Casa di Riposo in Milan. They had been buried at the Cimitero Monumentale in Milan but according to a wish that Verdi had expressed in 1899 they were both moved to the Casa di Riposi that was founded by him. [Verdi, Giuseppe]


The grave of Guiseppa Strepponi at the Casa di riposo dei Musicisti in Milan.
Picture by Androom (27 Jan 2007)


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