Strobel, Otto

BORN 20 Aug 1895 - DIED 23 Feb 1953
GRAVE LOCATION Bayreuth, Bayern: Stadtfriedhof

Otto Strobel studied in Munich and was promoted on a work on Richard Wagner in 1924. After his promotion he came into close contact with Siegfried Wagner and his wife Winifred. Strobel distrusted Cosima´s legend building and wanted to base his work on facts. In 1931 he became a member of the NSDAP together with his wife Gertrud (20/03/1898-11/06/1979).

From 1932 to 1953 he was the archivist of Richard and Cosima Wagner´s archive. He published several studies on Wagner´s creative process and he edited the correspondence between Wagner and Ludwig II. After his death in 1953 Getrud managed the archive until 1976.

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The grave of Otto Strobel at the Stadtfriedhof in Bayreuth.
Picture by Androom (02 Mar 2009)


Stromeyer, Friedrich

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