Corelli, Franco

BORN 8 Apr 1921, Ancona, Marche - DIED 29 Dec 2003, Milano, Lombardia
BIRTH NAME Corelli, Dario Franco
GRAVE LOCATION Milano, Lombardia: Cimitero Monumentale, Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale (Edicola D Ponente inferiore, Pilastro 3)

Franco Corelli was the grandson of an opera singer. His father was a shipbuilder for the navy. Franco studied naval engineering at Bologna University. During his studies he participated in a music competition and was encouraged to pursue a singing career by the judges. He studied opera at the Conservatory in Pesaro. He was unhappy with his teacher Rita Pavoni and decided to trach himself.

In 1951 he won the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and in the same year he debuted in Spoleto. In May 1952 he first appeared at the opera in Rome as Maurizio in Cilea's "Maggio Musicale Fiorentino". In 1954 sang at La Scala in Milan for the first time. From 1953 to 1958 he often appeared in Rome. In 1957 the soprano Loretta di Lelio asked for his signature after a permance. They married in 1958 and she gave up her career and became his business manager.

In 1961 he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He sang many parts there until 1974. His last performance at the Met took place on 28 December 1974 when he appeared next to Ingrid Bjoner as Caláf. In 1975 he toured with the Met and after that he retired from the stage and worked as a voice teacher in New York City. In 1980 and 1981 he returned to the stage for a while. In 2003 he suffered a stroke and he died later that year in Milan.


The grave of Franco Corelli at the Cimitero Monumentale, Milano.
Picture by Androom (22 Feb 2019)


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